Our Brands



Established in 1995, Hailun is the only family-operated piano factory in China. Piano technicians, Chen Hailun and his wife, run the 400,000 sq ft, state-of-the-art factory, aspiring to build the best piano made in Asia. Hailun hired an impressive group of experts from Japan, Europe, and the U.S. to reach the highest quality standard. They also utilize the highest skilled workers by paying the highest wages for piano builders in China.


Hailun had received awards for three years in a row for the “Piano Line of the Year” by MMR. They also score a very good rating in Larry Fine’s Piano Buyer book. Their quality craftsmanship, innovation, and superior warranty sets them apart from other piano manufacturers.

Their grand pianos have Hailun’s patented grand lid design with “Slow-close” devices built into the hinges to allow for very easy lifting to raise or lower the lid. They also feature an aluminum reinforced keybed for a more stable action regulation, sounding boards made from Spruce from the Northern Austrian Alps, A wide tail on their grands to enhance the sound, and maple rims to provide the best sound.

Hailun offers their “Dream Assurance Program” which allows any “customer purchasing a Hailun Grand to exchange within 90 days at no further cost.” With all these features and a 15 year transferable warranty (the best warranty in the piano business) along with an affordable price point, Hailun is an excellent choice that is hard to beat.


Knabe pianos have a lot of history, originating in our backyard of Baltimore, MD. They are rated very highly in Larry fine’s New Piano Buyer’s Guide. Currently manufactured by Samick as a high-end piano, Samick has taken pains to build them using the specs of the Baltimore Knabe from back-in-the-day, only better. Their pianos feature lacquer finishes on the cabinetry, and Renner actions in their grand pianos.


Samick maintains a facility in Tennessee where technicians check over the pianos after they arrive from Korea or Indonesia. They are then shipped from this factory to the U.S. dealers.


Kohler & Campbell

A long established American company which was purchased by Samick Piano Company in 1996 and is now being manufactured under their direction and supervision. Samick has built a good, quality piano, far exceeding that of the original American company, combining great quality, performance, and workmanship with an affordable price.


Kramers’ Piano Shop has been selling pianos built by Samick since 1985, and have found them to perform very well in homes, schools, and churches. We also have used Kohler & Campbell pianos in our music studios for our teachers and students for more than a decade.

Perzina Pianos

The Perzina (Perzina Brothers) Piano Company, established in Germany in 1871,  was a prominent piano maker until WWI. In the 1990’s the company was purchased by Music Brokers International B.V. in the Netherlands. When manufacturing pianos in Germany was no longer economically viable, they moved the operation to Yantai, China. Since 2003, they have been building Perzina grands and verticals at their own factory.

Perzina verticals have several unique and interesting features, including a “floating” soundboard. It is unattached to the back at certain points for improved vibration. It also has a reverse or “concave” sounding board crown. As a result, Perzina pianos have a superior sound.

Their premium series of verticals come with Renner or Abel deluxe hammers. The cabinets of these pianos are beautiful, with deep, rich veneers, and great craftsmanship.

Over 90% of their parts come from Europe, including Degen copper-wound bass strings, Roslau strings, Delignit pinblocks, Renner hammers, English felts, European veneers, and Austrian white spruce sounding boards.

All Perzina grands have solid Austrian white spruce sounding boards, duplex scaling, and Renner AA or Abel hammers. A Perzina action is standard, with Detoa and Renner actions also available.

The pianos are unpacked in the U.S. and inspected, polished, regulated, and voiced before being shipped to the dealers. Perzina is one of the “Piano Buyer’s” staff picks of pianos that are recommended to the consumers, rated as musical standouts and good values. Perzina pianos are listed under intermediate-grade pianos in the “Buyer’s Guide” along with several other manufacturers of high quality, but for much less in price. You simply receive a lot for your money. We currently use Perzina pianos in our piano lesson studios.