Dean’s List Pianos

Kramer’s Piano Shop has an alternative if you are looking for an inexpensive bargain piano.  We have developed our own inexpensive piano list for you to consider.  These are pianos that have not yet been reconditioned, so that you can purchase them at lower price points and decide for yourself how much work you would have done on the piano according to your budget.

How It Works

  • A thorough evaluation is done by owner/technician, Dean Kramer, who has over 40 years of experience.
  • You can customize the price of your piano by your own budget. We will offer several possible options for you to consider for improving the piano, should you choose to do so. The amount of work varies for each piano due to several variables.
  • No warranty is offered, unless you choose a repair option for K.P.S. to do.  Any work done on a “Dean’s List” piano will receive a 6 month warranty on that work only.
  • If we fully recondition a piano, it will receive a 5 year warranty, a free delivery, and a free tuning (w/in 50 miles of our store).

Feel free to contact our workshop manager with any questions you may have at donnie@kramerspianoshop.com


What kinds of pianos are we offering? 

  • Pianos with lots of life left on them.
  • Pianos with no structural problems.
  • Pianos that may not be popular in color or style to put on our sales floor.
  • Pianos that we have taken in on a trade and we don’t have enough space to keep it in our inventory.


To see the work list of what a reconditioning consists of for our vertical pianos click here for our Reconditioning Worksheet.

A full reconditioning can always be done for the piano at a later date. Piano moving costs will apply in order to have the piano moved back to our store for the work to be done, and then delivered back to your home.

Click this link for more information on Purchasing a Piano Online.

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1975 Wurlitzer Console

  • S# 1290604
  • Cherry French Provincial
  • Bench Included
  • Option A: “As Is”
    * Cabinet cleaned, scratch-covered, waxed
    * Inside cleaned out
    * White keys buffed
    * New brass casters
    * Brass pedals buffed
    * Action tightened
    * Keypins & capstans prolubed
    * Delivery included up to 30 miles/1st floor
    * 1 tuning in home w/in 30 days
    * No warranty


Option B: Fully Reconditioned     
* Delivery included w/in 75 miles
* 1 Tuning in home w/in 30 days
* 5 year warranty