Music Teachers


Lindsey Reiker – Piano Teacher


Lindsey Reiker has a B.A. in Music from York College of Pennsylvania, and has been teaching lessons since 2007.
She has over 20 years of playing experience, performs in community and school musical productions.
Lindsey is excited to be able to help students develop skills to not only play the piano, but grow as musicians.
“The piano is one of the most versatile instruments, able to easily span genres from baroque and classical music to pop and rock, and students are encouraged to try out all kinds of music. Lessons are most rewarding when students come prepared, having put designated practice time in throughout the week before the lesson. I give clear directions for practice, but students are always welcome to contact me during the week if they have any questions. Students will always be given technical exercises and a focus piece, but are encouraged to also have a fun piece, which might be something a little extra challenging, or something they specifically want to learn, whatever it may be. Students should be prepared to perform! I encourage students to play in recitals, at church, at school, or whenever they have the opportunity. Performing is like learning an instrument – it takes practice to get good at it, but it’s one of the most rewarding parts of learning and playing music.” – Lindsey



Opal Snyder – Piano Teacher


Opal Snyder has been teaching at Kramer’s Piano Shop for over twenty-five years. She enjoys teaching children and has started students as young as 5 years old in the “Little Mozarts“ music program. Some of her students have gone on to major in music in college. Opal graduated from Hood College with a B.A. degree in music, and had served as President of the Maryland Piano Teachers Guild for three years. She lives in the Union Bridge area, works full-time for the Frederick Memorial Hospital, is a church organist, and is currently president of the Ruritan Club. She enjoys traveling, camping, fishing and, of course, music. Opal was honored as one of two thousand “Outstanding Musicians of the Twentieth Century” in 2001, from Cambridge, England.





Donnie McCuller – Guitar Teacher


Don McCuller, Jr.  has been teaching guitar at Kramer’s Piano shop since 2008.  He is an accomplished guitarist and has been playing guitar for more than two decades. He has composed music, and has played  with various local Christian bands over the years. Donnie currently plays on the worship team at his church.  Donnie and his wife, Jennifer, reside in PA with their five children.