September 20, 2019

Employee Spotlight- Jeannette McCuller

As of, August 16th, 2019- Jeannette has been employed at Kramer’s Piano for 25 Years!

Jeannette is a highly valued member of our team. She is well known among our Customers, as having a nice and helpful voice on the phone. Her knowledge and experience are Huge as she helps our customers. Her memory is Legendary around our store, as she has a photographic memory. If we can’t think of someone’s name, and just describe something, she will Nail it Every Time!

Jeannette (as many of our staff) wears many hats. She is one of our Assistant Managers, our Office Manager, and our Bookkeeper. She is someone we can trust with handling the finances. She orders all the Piano Books (we have 7,000 in our stock). She also sells pianos, among many other jobs.

Jeannette has three siblings- Wade, Donnie (our Manager), and Teresa. Her parents are Don and Dolly McCuller who reside in Bonneville, Pa. Don of course, retired from KPS last year, after 35 years of employment with us. Jeannette resides in New Oxford, Pa. Some of her hobbies are: her cats, reading, shopping, and listening to music.

Jeannette, Thanks for Everything you do and continue to do for Kramer’s Piano!

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