January 6, 2020

KPS-Giving the Gift of Music- 2019

Earlier this year, Dean went to a new customer’s house to tune their piano. This customer had just received a free piano. Unfortunately, Dean found that the piano was in very poor condition, and wouldn’t be worth putting money into fixing it up.

Dean asked the gentleman questions, and he found out that the mans son was Excelling in school and on the piano, and up to this point his son had never had anything good to practice on.

This family didn’t have much money, so Dean started thinking about how he could help them.

Dean told one of his long time customers, who had previously told him that she might be willing to donate one of her pianos, about this young man and how well he was doing with the piano. This long time customer told Dean that she would be willing to donate her Yamaha Console to this young man.

So on September 14, Dean picked up the Yamaha Console and delivered it to the young mans house. The young man, his father, brother and his piano teacher were all there! They were all so Overjoyed to be the recipients of such a Wonderful Gift!

*There was also a church who had learned of our Piano Donation Missions Trips in 2018, they gave a financial donation to help with future mission projects. Their donation, covered the cost of this piano moving!*



the Young Man

The Young Man, his brother and his Piano Teacher


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