Trade-Up Policy

Trade-Up Policy

If you’ve recently purchased a piano from Kramer’s and are looking to upgrade to another piano, our policies are as follows:

  • Piano must be tuned and serviced by K.P.S. technicians two times each year.
  • Piano must be maintained in excellent condition (inside and out), as it was when it was delivered to your home.
  • Piano must be kept in a climate controlled environment (42% average humidity), or have a climate control system installed and maintained.

Trade-up – (must be toward more expensive model to qualify)

0 – 1 years…………..we will apply 90% of what you paid.

2 – 3 years…………  we will apply 80% of what you paid.

3 – 4 years…………..we will apply 70% of what you paid.

4 – 5 years…………..we will apply 60% of what you paid.

(After 5 years, piano will be evaluated for percentage.)

Note: Trade-ins only apply to the retail price of the piano being traded up to, not on Kramer’s regularly reduced prices, or our sale prices .

We do not accept digital pianos or keyboards for trade-ins.

*Smoking will reduce the value of a piano, due to the several cleanings needed to get rid of smell, yellowed keys, and any change in the cabinet color.

*Damages (scratches, nicks, etc.) will reduce the value of the piano.

*If piano is dirty, cleaning costs may reduce the trade-in value.