Piano Moving

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Kramer’s Piano Shop employs a crew of specially trained piano movers, who take extra care of your piano, seeing that it arrives safely to its new destination. The crew leaders for our piano moving teams, Dean Kramer and Don McCuller, have over sixty years combined experience and at least one of them is on each moving.

We generally use a two-man moving crew, except in the more difficult situations that require three or four men.  We are up to your particular challenge, from vertical pianos, player pianos, digital pianos, baby grand pianos, and even 9’ concert grand pianos.  We are also insured for the protection of the pianos you entrust with us.  We have moved thousands of pianos over the years since 1974.

Our fine moving crew:

Dean Kramer,  Don McCullerDonnie McCuller, Terry Ensor, Jade Rogers, Lloyd Lambert, Andrew Lebo, and Ken Twig .


Please Note:

In order to give you an accurate price quote, we need complete addresses and details about the pick-up location and the delivery location.  Please be sure to fill in the size of the piano as well on our Piano Moving Estimate form.