Piano Reconditioning

Reconditioning is a service that we offer for pianos that are generally newer than those which might require a major rebuilding. We go through a checklist of approximately sixty items, which includes a full regulation of your piano to enable the piano to perform at its peak. Along with this, we offer cleaning of the piano case, and buffing of the brass and keys for the exterior of the piano to make it looks its best.

Reconditioning Overview for Vertical Pianos

I. General Work

  • General cleaning inside
  • Strings & pressure bar cleaned
  • Plate tightened
  • Trap work tightened and greased
  • Casters tightened & lubed
  • Bench hardware tightened
  • Bed of felts replaced (if needed)
  • Piano case cleaned and scratch-covered
  • Cabinet waxed
  • Brass pedals & hardware buffed
  • White keys buffed
  • Front & balance rail keypins prolubed
  • Capstans prolubed
  • Tuning pins chemically-treated & driven (if needed)
  • Treble & bass bridges repaired (if needed)
  • Sounding board repaired (if needed)
  • Fallboard felt replaced (if needed)
  • Rubber buttons and knobs replaced (if needed)

II. Action Work

  • All action screws tightened (butt flanges, butt plates, whippen flanges, damper flanges, sticker tongue flanges, misc. hardware)
  • Hammer sanded & action blown out
  • Bridle straps replaced (if needed)
  • Butt felts replaced (if needed)
  • Back stop buckskin replaced (if needed)
  • Key bushings replaced (if needed)
  • Back check felts replaced (if needed)
  • Spring felts on butts & dampers replaced (if needed)
  • All action flanges chemically-treated, including butt flanges, whippen flanges, jack flanges, damper flanges (if needed)
  • Regulating button felts replaced (if needed)
  • Damper lifter rods cleaned & prolubed
  • Hammer rail felt replaced (if needed)
  • All loose flanges repinned (butt flanges, whippen flanges, jack flanges, damper flanges)
  • Spring rail springs replaced (if needed)
  • Hammers reinforced (if needed)
  • Jacks reinforced (if needed)
  • Rubber grommets oiled (replaced if needed)
  • Plastic elbows replaced (if needed)

III. Action Regulation

  • Keys eased
  • Hammers aligned
  • Key tilt and alignment adjusted
  • Hammer striking distance adjusted
  • Capstans adjusted
  • Keys leveled
  • Let-off adjusted
  • Key dip adjusted
  • Aftertouch adjusted
  • Back checks adjusted
  • Bridle straps adjusted
  • Pedal rods lubed & adjusted
  • Damper lift adjusted
  • Spoons adjusted
  • Check that hammer springs are in place
  • Pitch raises
  • Fine tuning
  • Fallboard adjusted to keys

IV. Final Check

Final overview to check quality of work.

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