Teacher Policies

K.P.S. Studio Policies for Students/Teachers


A student only progresses when they take time to practice between lessons. Music achievement depends on your personal expectations. An accomplished musician will study for years; just the same as school is a program of successive years of study. Practice is essential!

Work out a daily schedule for practice 5 – 6 days a week. Practice spells progress!

There are obvious goals of each piano player. For example:

  1. Playing for fun!
  2. Playing to learn the foundation or basics.
  3. Playing to accompany singing or other instruments.
  4. Playing to become a church pianist, or a pianist for a school chorus, or keyboardist for a small band.
  5. Playing to excel: music degree, piano major, making a career out of music as a songwriter or composer.

All students of Kramer’s Piano Shop will receive a discount card for 10% off store merchandise. Please inquire at our front desk for your card.


  1. Our teachers need 24 – 48 hour notice for cancellations, so they can adjust their schedule and fill in your time slot with someone else.
  2. Emergency cancellations, (due to sickness, accident, etc.) Please call teacher directly on their cell phones.
  3. Bad weather (snow, ice, etc.) – Some teachers cancel if the schools are closed in Frederick County for snow or ice. Other teachers still come for lessons, if the weather isn’t too bad. Be sure to check with your teacher for their own “weather” policy.
  4. Other than emergency, or bad weather, the student still pays for lessons if they cancel. Each teacher will try to reschedule your lesson if possible for the same week, unless they have no time slots open. Our teachers depend on your attendance for their livelihood.


Other Information

Our teachers set their own work schedules. Please direct your calls to them personally by using their home phone or cell phone numbers. If they are in a piano lesson, please leave a voicemail on their cell phone for them and they will contact you when they have an opening in their schedule.

All teachers at Kramer’s Piano Shop are sub-contracted, meaning they are self-employed. They pay K.P.S. rent for their studio, and the use of the facility. Each teacher makes their living by teaching and he/she holds a time slot for you. If you cancel your lesson, or don’t show up, the teacher is still confined to the studio for your appointment time. This is the reason lessons must be paid for whether you come or not, in respect for your teacher’s time and occupation. Each teacher is dedicated and committed to their work and love to give the gift of music.