Piano Estimates

Call to schedule an appointment or fill out this Schedule An Estimate form to have a technician come to evaluate your piano’s repair needs.

Estimates cannot be done over the phone or by sending pictures or descriptions of your piano. Structural issues will never show up in pictures. A visual and physical inspection is necessary to evaluate any possible issues stemming from many variables from weather conditions, structure related problems, neglect, and yes, even termite and moth damage, etc.

Only a professional eye with years of experience and training can determine a piano’s condition and formulate an estimate of the recommended actions needed to be taken to bring a piano back to its desired state. Many times it is the technician’s experienced “ear” that detects the source of an unseen problem.

We strongly advise having an estimate done prior to the private purchase of a used piano, or paying movers to deliver one. Often, we are hired to do a moving, tuning, or repairs on a piano, only then to discover problems that we could have warned our customers about, before making a bad decision.  Call the experts first!

Kramers’ Piano will come to your location and fully assess the repairs needed. We often provide multiple options of repairs to choose from to fit your budget, depending on the age and condition of the piano. We will also give an honest assessment regarding whether or not your piano is a candidate for repair.  There is a fine line, as we do not want to offend our customers, but we also will not take advantage of our customers by suggesting an investment of hundreds to thousands of dollars into a piano that may not be worth the cost.

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