Piano Key Recovering

Over time, piano keys often become chipped, cracked, scratched, warped and discolored.  We offer a a variety of key recovering options to improve your piano keys.

  • For plastic white keys, we can remove fine scratches and usually bring back the whiteness, making them look new again, depending on the age and type of plastic they are made from.
  • For ivory keys we can also improve their look with buffing to clean them up, and remove scratches and discoloration. For an even whiter look to restore them back to their original color, we offer an option of a bleaching treatment for ivory keys so they look their very best.
  • An acrylic repair is available for when ivory keys become chipped.
  • Want a complete new set of white keytops installed? We can have the old keytops removed and replaced with a high-quality set that are customized to fit and include the key fronts. How about new plastic or ebony sharps? We can do that as well.

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