Piano Refinishing


We refinish piano cabinets to restore pianos to their original beauty. Refinishing is a process which takes a lot of time. The original piano finish is “stripped” off, repairs are made to veneer, veneer glued down if loose, and some veneer replaced. Dented veneer can be usually dealt with if in small areas. The piano case is then sanded to make things smooth and uniform. The cabinet is then stained as close as possible to the desired color. The wood grain is “open,” so we fill the wood grain in order to make a much better finish on the piano. For most pianos we put 8 coats of lacquer on with hand rubbing also taking place.

We also do several other things that make a beautiful finished product. We install a new decal on fallboard over the keys, new felt under keyboard cover, and all metal hinges, screws, pedals, etc. are removed to be buffed up. In some cases, parts are not brass (brass will buff up like new) – we still buff up the “plated” parts that aren’t brass, which helps improve the overall product. If needed, re-plating the hardware is also an option that we offer for an additional charge.

We sub-out the refinishing process, but still do all the estimates, moving of the piano and overseeing the process to make sure the job meets our requirements. 1 year warranty is placed on the work that was done, unless environmental changes are the reason for any problems.

We have refinished a total of 297 pianos over our years, entering 2015. We offer 2 kinds of finishes – satin or gloss for the sheen, It’s a great way to add value to an old piano and bring the exterior alive.

-Dean Kramer