Piano Refinishing

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Piano cabinet refinishing is a great way to add value to an old piano and bring the exterior back to life. It requires a great deal of time and care involving many processes.

The original piano finish is first stripped off, then repairs are made to any loose, damaged or missing veneer. The piano case and parts are then sanded, making them even, uniform, and ready to be stained as close as possible to the desired color.

The open wood grain is filled in order to make a much better finish on the piano. Lacquer is sprayed on and is hand-rubbed between coats for a smooth finish. We offer 2 types sheen: satin or gloss.

Beyond the refinishing of the wood portions of your piano, we also install new decals on the fallboard cover over the keys, replace the felt under the keyboard cover, and buff all brass hardware including hinges, casters, pedals, knobs, screws etc., making them look new again. Any plated parts, which are not solid brass, will still be buffed to clean them up as best as is possible, which helps improve the overall look and appeal of the piano.

Up until 2015, we have refinished nearly 300 pianos. Today, we sub out the refinishing process, but still do all refinishing estimates, transporting of the piano and overseeing of the process to make sure the job meets our specifications. Kramer’s Piano Shop puts a one-year warranty on all work that was done, unless the piano is affected by environmental changes, neglect or abuse after delivery.

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