One-Day Piano Rentals

Policies & Pricing

Our One-Day Rental Policies

  • A 20% downpayment is required one week prior to delivery of the piano
  • The remaining 80% balance is paid at the time of delivery
  • A refundable deposit is required for all one-day piano rentals
  • Renter is responsible for any damage occurring during the rental of the piano
  • We do not rent pianos for outdoor events, unless shelter is provided to protect the piano from the weather
  • Kramer’s Pianos Shop reserves the right to choose which pianos are available for event rentals

Rental Prices Include

  • Delivery of piano (30 miles from store, first floor, 3 steps or less)
  • Pick-up of piano
  • Tuning of the piano at the store before delivery
  • Rental Fee

(Note: any distance over thirty miles from our store and more than 3 steps will involve a higher price)


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